Bookstore Services

Connect2One is the largest and most comprehensive buying/service group in the college bookstore industry. Originally founded as a buying cooperative in 1988 C2O is dedicated to the goal of helping both institutional and private stores stay independent and competitive. With more than 550 stores, C2O is a proven success in providing beneficial long-term partnerships.

Vendor Partners

Check out the list of partners providing savings on General Merchandise and Supplies, including Apparel, Backpacks, Insignia Souvenirs, Graduation Items, School Supplies, Art Supplies, Health Sciences, Consumer Electronics, Technology Products, Gifts, Greeting Cards, and Health and Beauty Care.

The UMD Stores have been a member of Connect2One since 1996. C2O has been an essential part of the success of our business. The discount programs with their vendors allow us to be competitive, but also provide us with a good margin to add to our bottom line. Our annual savings have been close to 25 times greater than our dues. The correspondence that we receive regarding new products and services for college stores is extremely valuable as we expand our offerings to our campus. Whether it's product information or advocacy, the professional, knowledgeable, and helpful C2O staff is always available to assist us. Our Connect2One membership continues to be one of our most valuable investments.

Jeff Romano, Director,
UMD Stores, Print Services, U Card,
University of Minnesota Duluth,
Duluth, MN